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Let our specialists guide you to your perfect paradise, whether you want to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Africa’s charming spice island Zanzibar, off the coast of Kenya, or indulge in India’s tropical sub-continent, Sri Lanka, boasting mountain scenery and endless beaches, immaculate tea plantations and dense jungle. You could do nothing and relax in a luxury beach villa in The Maldives for a wedding or honeymoon or you get your adrenalin flowing on an active adventure holiday in New Zealand.

Made up of thousands of islands; some hugging the continental coastlines, others hundreds of miles away from any other land, and ranging from the smallest territories scattered like a string of pearls such as The Maldives, to the fourth largest and most biologically diverse island in the world; Madagascar, the islands of The Indian Ocean offer the most idyllic paaradise beaches of powder-white sandy beaches fringed with swaying palms.

With the luxury of the warmest ocean in the world and temperate climates blessed with gentle breezes, luxuriant vegetation is nurtured by constant sunshine, and rainfall just frequent enough for the surroundings to be a permanently lush, green haven for an abundance of wildlife. Offshore, coral reefs and the crystal azure waters full of turquoise lagoons play host to an amazing kaleidoscope of marine life.

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