Odyssey World can’t get enough of South and North America and the gazillion miles of wonder still yet to be uncovered. It’s impossible to summarise these twin joined continents in one breath. From the vast wilderness of the Canadian Rockies to the charming European-esque Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires, there are so many destinations to explore in what still seems like the New World.

We have in-depth knowledge of many regions in USA and Canada and can put you on the right road through the iconic National Parks in Utah and Arizona, a raucous music trail from Nashville to Memphis , city-slicking on a Horse Ranch in Wyoming, or skiing pristine powder in the Rocky Mountains. Explore the remarkable wilderness in Canada’s Grizzly Bear territory, go heli-fishing off British Columbia, surfing on Vancouver Island or take in the world’s greatest rodeo at Calgary Stampede! Wherever you seek your thrills, it can be found in the USA and Canada

Our passion is equally as strong for Latin America, the heart, the spirit and the incredible hospitality is awe inspiring. With specialists who have travelled extensively through Central & South America, we have first-hand knowledge of this extraordinary region.

South America is insightfully rich, whether it’s the delightful gastronomy, music to evoke your soul at a local Milongas, fascinating history or the locals and artisans that bring the country to life; a real sensory overload. Head back in time and immerse yourself in age-old Andean traditions or explore the lesser known ancient pre-Inca civilisations from the Moche and Chimu people who once reigned in Northern Peru.

For a completely different experience venture to Central America; now a major destination for the discerning traveller being secure, exciting and utterly enjoyable. Visit the colourful family friendly destination of Costa Rica. with it’s amzing wildlife and adventure activities and stay at some of the exclusive eco lodges deep in the heart of the jungle at Osa Peninsula. There is something for everyone in this enchanting corner of the globe.

Odyssey World will inspire and create the perfect holiday for you covering the highlights, or heading off to the lesser visited sites, tailoring your Latin America adventure for you. Just call one of our specialists now!

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