Odyssey World ‘s connection with Africa is passionate  and very long standing we are proud of our direct and intimate knowledge of the continent, our MD having lived in South Africa and selling holidays to Africa for over 20 years. This combined with our friendly and professional service as well as our excellent choice of luxury accommodation, means we can deliver the very best of what Africa has to offer at very competitive prices.

Experience the flavour of some of the most beautiful landscapes and wilderness areas in the world with our Luxury African holidays. Discover the wild, romantic Africa of your dreams. Whether you are hoping to ascend South Africa’s Table Mountain on a beautiful clear morning or have a close encounter with a magnificent lion on safari in Botswana, or perhaps you would prefer Glamping in Kruger Park or meet the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Whatever your ideas we would love to help you plan your trip. Call one of our specialits now!

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